Zaire | Angola


The contract consisted of the construction of an office building for the Soyo Logistics Platform, located in a portion of it.

The building has a rectangular planimetric shape, with the approximate dimensions of 34 by 13 meters. and has 3 floors, totaling 792.70 m2.

The structure is made of reinforced concrete. The floor and roof slabs are solid, having been made “in situ”.

The facades are made up of concrete blocks coated on the outside with steel plate, smooth and lacquered.
The exterior glazed openings are made of anodised aluminum profiles and double glazing. The exterior doors are in galvanized and lacquered steel.

Interior office partitions are made of formica and aluminum profiles. The interior doors are in lacquered MDF and sheet metal.

The complexity of the building's exterior shape dictated the rigor required in the inspection of the work. Taking into account the modeling of the structure and the sheet metal, the Contractor was required to complete the project, so that the composition could be seen as fluid and without elements out of context.