Gaza | Mozambique​


The rapid economic rise of recent years in Mozambique today raises challenges about the need to improve accessibility within the country. In a territory with such a large surface, the use of air assets has become increasingly essential.

Bilene aerodrome is no exception, as it now plays an important role in mobility between provinces. With a 700 m long runway and only one support building, the infrastructure became insufficient for the new local reality.

It is proposed to extend the runway from 700 m to 1,100 m in length. The decentralization of the various services is proposed, including the reception of users arriving by air or land and warehouses for aircraft maintenance and training of specialized technicians.

Land access to the aerodrome is via a restricted road, with a parking area to support services.

The seven buildings, which are part of the new volumetric structure of this aerodrome, follow an architectural logic that visually connects them through shapes, colors and materials.