Luanda | Angola​


In the middle of an urban environment characterized by mixed use and with easy access, the Entertainment Center has all the conditions to successfully establish itself.

The city that surrounds you completes your program and gives you the necessary support. However, the proposed building is already, in terms of program, a complete building as it includes, in addition to the concert hall for various types and with capacity for up to 800 people, commerce, restaurants, offices, spa and 4 types of accommodation. T1 located on the roof where the gathering and views complement and enhance its quality.

However, since the spectacles are its main function, a volumetry was developed to translate it. This presents an all faceted and ramped building, marked by the rise of the auditorium, visually balanced at the base by a glass wedge. The opaque house with circular spans that rests on the glass wedge aims to provide visibility to the activities that surround the auditorium of the concert hall and, at the same time, create rhythms of full and empty, of points of light and shadow in the set, resembling this element a cape over a cut diamond.