Manica | Mozambique


The district of Sussundenga has great agricultural activity, being considered the Granary of the Province of Manica. In the district is also located the highest point in the country called Monte Binga and which allows the existence of ecotourism.

The Dombe administrative post is located to the south, being in close proximity to several water lines.

The land, with about 2,000 hectares, is located 3 km from Muxamba, 38 km from the main road and 61 km northeast of Dombe. The place is enriched by the existence of a river nearby.
The aim is to promote the construction of an agro-industrial complex, destined to the agricultural production and distribution of horticultural products, which will allow the region to be dynamic and boost the local and country economy.

The built-up space of the complex is located in a small area of land, to allow maximum crop yield for the production of lemon (February and March), orange (March and April), grapefruit (May and June) and pineapple (July to January). Phased production makes it possible to optimize the complex's resources.
In a more noble area, with direct access from the outside and after passing through the entrance, the Administration building and 14 residences for managers and guests are located.

Also close to the entrance is the factory that receives the product after harvesting, preparing it for distribution by land and air. The factory has a refrigerated warehouse with the capacity to hold the product up to 3 days before its shipment.

About 200 meters away, the complex's private aerodrome is located, which makes it possible to ship the final product, also serving as a means of transporting people.

Between the prime zone and the cultivation area are located the workers' residences (with a capacity for 32 people) as well as the associated services.

Taking into account that the intention is to dynamize the region and promote social responsibility, it is proposed to build a basic education school in the local community and 4 residences for the teachers who will teach at this school.