The Business Park comprises several blocks of warehouses for rent and a commercial area, adjacent to the Circular de Maputo.

The Execution Project focused on three blocks of warehouses totaling around thirty storage units, and on urbanization and technical support areas.

Block 1 consists of 14 storage units, and blocks 2 and 3 have 9 storage units.

Each storage unit has access through two streets, front with pedestrian access and back with pedestrian access, forklift ramp and loading/unloading pier.

Inside the warehouse, adjacent to the main elevation, are the pantry, the restrooms and a technical compartment.

In order to enjoy the fullness of natural lighting, the warehouses have windows on the facades and translucent panels on the roof.

To prevent the warehouses from overheating, the facades are made with double sandwich panels and the roof is made of polycarbonate and sandwich panels.

The ridge has several chimneys to ensure natural ventilation of the interior space.
Access to the roof for maintenance is facilitated by the existence of spiral stairs located on the side elevations.

The layout of streets and sidewalks was designed to ensure the fluidity of traffic. The floor of the streets is in bituminous and pavé pavé. Adjacent to the blocks and next to the entrance to the development, there are technical buildings, consisting of one floor. Some of them support employees working in the Business Park and others provide shelter for essential equipment for the normal functioning of the storage blocks.


Projeto da Work3 para Agility vence prémio “Melhor Desenvolvimento Industrial e Logístico de África”.