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a rural environment characterized by constructions separated from the residential urbanized land, it is located a single-family house built in the 70s.

Consisting of one floor and built to house a family, it has three bedrooms, lounge and kitchen. Small in size, it is located near the main road in the parish of Covelas. It has plastered and painted facades and ceramic tile coverage, similar to other houses built in the same temporal space.

The objective is to remodel, reducing the type of housing from T3 to T2 and expanding the comfort area. Accessibility is fundamental in the relationship between indoor and outdoor space. For this, the land is modeled to allow the integration and direct relationship between the green spaces and the housing compartments.

The main building and the annex are unified, becoming a single element that brings together all the rooms for daily use: social area, intimate area and technical area.

The social area consists of a large space that brings together the living area, the dining area and the food preparation area. The living area is visually connected to the public street. The food preparation area visually connects with the back patio.

The intimate area consists of two bedrooms. The master bedroom has a glazed panel facing the adjoining terrace and, in extension, the vegetation cover. This model of natural landscape, between Rua Central de Covelas and the house, becomes a framework that decorates the interior space and provides its user with a feeling of quiet and tranquility.

In the technical area there is a garage with capacity for two cars and the equipment designed to provide support to residents.

The project had as conditions the location of the land in Municipal Ecological Structure in Rural Soil, in Rural Solo - Agricultural Space and in proximity to a water line.

The expansion does not extend to the rear, in order to guarantee the legally required permeable area. Allows the house to have a bucolic landscape that extends to the surroundings, also protected and composed of agricultural and forestry spaces.