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The “Casa Escada” building is located in the center of Bissau, being derelict and derelict. The rehabilitation and reconfiguration process for the service building aims to introduce a business center and spaces to support the creation of companies. To this end, it is proposed the renovation of the building's image to a more contemporary language, thus abandoning its designation from “Casa Escada” to “Escada Business Center”.

It is proposed to intervene on the roof (converted into a recessed floor), on floors 1, 2 and 3 (in the total reorganization of the space) and on floor 0 (in the enhancement of the entrance, with the introduction of a reception and service area). Such intentions are mainly centered on defining a clear organization of spaces, both in terms of paths and compartmentalization, establishing the hierarchy between spaces and their respective functions.

On floor 0, it is proposed to expand the original entrance space by introducing a reception with support and service spaces.

Floors 1, 2 and 3 are completely reorganized, at the level of the division of spaces, with the objective of introducing the greatest number of offices. Although reception and administration are common to all solutions, there are several alternatives for the layout and size of the offices to be rented. The introduction of a seating area on the office floors allows for the existence of a physical space for more informal meetings and socializing with potential clients.

The roof is converted into a recessed floor with the introduction of a lightweight structure that does not collide with the existing structure of the building.

The building's urban insertion was relevant in the development of the proposal, with the option being to completely remodel the façade, leaving the existence of the staircase that gives rise to the building's name unmarked.

The use of the gray color in contrast to the white color intends to highlight some elements by their luminosity and, with the glazed elements, it is intended to add a certain transparency and dynamics to the whole.