Cabo Delgado | Mozambique


The beautiful landscapes of Palma's coastline made it more interesting to enjoy both sea and land scenarios as much as possible. The concept was also governed by principles of establishing a more direct and participatory contact with nature, respect for nature, harmony between the natural landscape and intervention, values ​​of quality, comfort and refinement as well as sustainability factors and health.

With these assumptions, a low and long building was born, in SCISSORS, which intends to bring in the interior the external natural wealth as well as to allude to the unique cultural wealth.

The shapes that cling to the terrain are linear and textured, but neutral in color, so as to express greater rigidity. The highest ones try to portray the swell of the sea with the undulation of the smooth, clear and polished balconies. The light and neutral tones of the exterior want the whole to be read as light, light that penetrates inside where it has an unusual incidence in the atrium through the inverted dome of water that strongly marks its center as if the sea were peeking into the heart of this hotel. . The shadow is also important, the negative that intensifies any light condition.