South Kwanza | Angola


The concept of this 3* hotel was based on the articulation of three bodies that allowed an efficient security control and immediately attributed to each resulting exterior space a differentiated character.

This issue took on special relevance especially when the intention was to open some of the hotel's spaces, such as the swimming pool, gym, conference and events room, restaurant and bar, to other audiences besides those that were housed.

It was decided to create a band of offices and stores that composed the street front and made the barrier with the exterior together with the building of support services to the staff. Between these two bodies is the main entrance to the hotel and to the right of the service entrance is the unmistakable and autonomous service entrance. In the background, as the closing of the lot and the complex, the main body of the hotel was implanted, which in this way has more privacy, acoustic comfort and better views. With this, the common recreational space also became more intimate and more cozy.

Stylistically, the body of shops and offices is almost entirely open to the street. The service body is composed of plain opaque cloths or with hollow elements that lead the light to the interior, provide sun protection and give homogeneity to the volume. The main body was strongly marked by the undulating balconies that allowed them to have visual continuity to another floor. Access to the lobby was made by a canopy accompanied by a pergola that gave transparency to the leisure space and paced the route; the wall separated the public area from the private and service area.