Luanda | Angola​


The project comprises commercial and service, industrial, hotel and residential activities, which make the entire enterprise self-sufficient and even available to support external logistical needs.

Thus, since this is a land in the shape of a trapeze, whose smaller face borders the main access road and the longer one is inland and supported by a path, it was decided to create 3 distinct sectors.

Sector I, along the main street, integrates commerce, with several stores and a vast outdoor exhibition area, and services with offices, training rooms and an auditorium. This building follows the entire width of the land and draws a privileged urban front for the intended use.

Sector II, in the center of the land, includes industrial warehouses with the viability to house all types of industries, from the heaviest to the lightest.

Sector III, at the inner end of the land, includes the accommodation areas. These are a 3* hotel and some prefabricated houses. The hotel, which occupies almost the entire width of the land, creates a visual barrier between the housing area and the industrial area, to which it has views protected by a set of existing baobab trees. Unlike the others, access to the interior of this sector is reserved and controlled by a doorman.