Moradia Lara


Monsoon | Portugal


The existing building, which is over 100 years old, is part of a housing complex that was the main house of a century-old farm.

From the existing building portion, it is intended to incorporate a program that proves to be extensive for the existing volumetry. The expansion of the building intends to stand out from the original layout, revealing itself as contemporary and minimalist.

The idea that the owner's dwelling is on the floor is maintained, following the functions of the existing building. However, in order to provide greater comfort, in addition to the exterior accesses, the house now has an interior staircase complemented by an entrance hall, in which the staircase stands out as a sculptural element.

Thus, formally, the housing project is defined based on the composition of two volumes: the existing building and the expansion.

The existing building maintains the language linked to the past through form and materiality. The horizontality of the building is altered to the south, by the existence of two floors and the crowning with a hipped roof, in which the chimney stands out.

The magnification volume is expanded in order to highlight the composition. In this process and in order not to impose the geometry in relation to the original building, the enlarged volume is neutral, through a clear geometry and light materiality in contrast to the strength and hardness of the original building. The building assumes itself through form but visually remains intimate, hidden in the geometry of the original building.

Moradia Lara