Huila | Angola


Considering the configuration of the land and the proximity to the railway line, three road axes were drawn that define the location of the buildings.

The first axis crosses the terrain in a north-south direction, joining two existing trails. Considering that this is the main access between the city of Lubango and the city of Menongue, this will be the busiest route.

The second axis arises approximately from the center of the first axis and has an east-west trace in the direction of the railway line. It is a more conditioned access, as it is an area inside the platform, where the container parks and warehouses are located.

The third axis has a more secondary character despite being public, as it is a connection between tracks, north of the land, in the east-west direction.

On the roundabout connecting the first and second axis, there is the Business Center where the services that will support the Platform's activities are located, including Customs, the Hotel and the Training and Conference Center.

With a conditioned access to the interior of the second axis, warehouses and container parks appear. These spaces are closed to the public, with entry and exit control.

On the third axis, further away from the others, there are the truck driver support services. This location closer to the Platform is due to the need for space that users of this space need.