Kuando Kubango | Angola


The national network of logistics platforms is the affirmation of the country's industrialization. For the region, this platform will boost economic activity by attracting investments and boosting the local industry, facilitating the distribution of products.

The logistics platform, very important for Kuando Kubango as it is the only one in the province, is located near the city of Menongue and next to the railway that connects this city with the city of Lubango.

The planimetric configuration and the topography of the land allowed the maintenance of an initial, fundamentally orthogonal layout, which allows for future expansions without altering the basic principles of the project.

The sequential organization of the buildings in an orthogonal shape allows creating order in a place surrounded by uncharacterized constructions inserted in a city that grows in an additive way. Only in the southeast is the road network and buildings laid out in a diagonal, highlighting the noblest character of the building, namely the administration of the platform and the hotel unit.