Zaire | Angola


The concept of Logistics results from a phenomenon of globalization of economies that contributes to the changes, which are increasingly taking place throughout Angola, in air, maritime, rail and road communication networks and in the consequent transport and supply solutions for the Angolan provinces and neighboring countries.

Soyo is a city of great geographic importance as it is located in the extreme northwest of Angola on the border with the Congo, bordered in part of its perimeter by the Atlantic Ocean.
Maritime transport and oil exploration have allowed this region to develop, fostering the creation of an effective logistical platform to respond to the demands of new markets.

Porto Seco do Soyo is located at a strategic point in Zaire province, connecting Angola with Congo.

The Porto remodeling and expansion project was centered on two phases. The first phase consisted of analyzing what was already built and understanding the Customer's needs for the site. In a second phase, it consisted of reorganizing the space, dividing it into three zones, namely the unrestricted transit zone, the intermediate zone and the restricted transit zone.

In the area with unrestricted access there are buildings of a public nature such as the gas station or the hotel.

In an intermediate area, there are services such as customs with access from the public area or through the restricted area.

In the conditioned access area is located the park of containers and buildings that need support in terms of security.