Zaire | Angola


The contract consisted of building a Fuel Supply Station for the Soyo Logistics Platform. It consists of a support building and two supply islands.

The fuel supply area consists of two islands for light and heavy vehicles, with high-efficiency fueling units, and diesel or gasoline fueling units for light vehicles.

The coverage of the supply area is composed of a structure and metal sheet, with an illuminated platform, ensuring a 5 meter headroom.

The exterior circulation consists of a pavé floor, for easy replacement and maintenance, facilitating future underground work.

The support building is prefabricated, with walls made up of a metallic structure of the Chromadeck type and the roof made up of IBR type profile sheets.

In addition to the normal inspection work, namely the control of quality, control of costs and deadlines, the work for the installation of the mechanical network to ensure the proper functioning of the Post was monitored with great rigor.