Maputo | Mozambique​


The elaboration of the project was based on the Terms of Reference of the Tender for the Design, Elaboration of the Executive Project and Construction of the Headquarters of the National Institute of Disaster Management.

The Institute already had two buildings built in the surrounding area, intended to house the Administration and Human Resources Department, the Prevention and Mitigation Department, the Arid and Semi-Arid Areas Development Department and the Reconstruction Coordination Office.
The institute's intention was to build the Headquarters Building, centralizing services in a single location.
Regarding the existing buildings, three characteristics stand out: the horizontality of the buildings (consisting of r/c+1 floor), the palate at the entrance with sloping pillars and the frame on the windows.

In the integration of the new building, the characteristics were maintained, highlighting issues such as the height of the building (higher than the others) to demarcate the degree of importance.

The competition program was quite extensive and featured several sectors of work. In the organization of the different sectors, it was intended that there was clarity and pragmatism.

On the ground floor are the Deputy General Director's office and associated compartments, as well as the compartments directly linked to the reception, the legal sector and partners.
On the upper floor, the General Director's office and associated compartments were located, the coordination sector that includes the larger meeting room, the consultants' offices and the communication and image offices.

In addition to the Architectural Project, the following projects were also elaborated: Stability, Water Supply, Wastewater Drainage, Stormwater Drainage, Electrical Installations, Telecommunications, HVAC and Fire Safety.