Cabo Delgado | Mozambique​


In order to respond to the growing demand for infrastructure associated with the residential area in Palma, a project was requested for an extensive Residential Unit.

In order to optimize construction time, a key factor in this project, the entire residential unit was designed using prefabricated modules, creating 50 housing units. The study foresees the multiplication of this block, anticipating issues of accessibility, balancing buildings with permeable areas and recreational and leisure areas.

This modular base is developed inside a block consisting of 30 T1 typology units, 15 T2 typology units and 5 T3 typology units. Associated with housing, the block also offers services such as a reception and shopping area, gym and poolside changing rooms, restaurant and bar, support for the maintenance of the development and leisure areas.

Cork, covering the exterior walls of buildings, presents itself as a decorative and aesthetic element, offering excellent thermo-acoustic performance and high durability.

The earth pressed with resin, used in the construction of pedestrian and car lanes, offers high resistance, adapts chromatically to the surroundings and easily reproduces the curvilinear layout of the road network.